Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big a brother 15 After Dark summary/ Recap 8/15/13


Aaryn won 5 comps in a half a season Helen says to Mc, and Elissa,  which is insane she performs well under pressure. They are trying to figure out who Aaryn will nominate. Helen wants to talk to Aaryn ,but doesnt want her to think she is managing her.  Aaryn has done a lot for like the Judd thing.

Amanda and Helen talking  about the possibility if Elissa goes home and said she doesn't want go to jury, and will go home. She is depressed. If she goes home she won't be eligible for $25,000 America's player award.

Aaryn has put Spencer up three times.  Andy says spencer provably doenst get much air time since all he does is do shout outs when  he is not suppose to.

Aaryn gets the key to her hoh room.  She gets the usual food basket, a new purple shirt, and a pink blanket, mud masks

Aaryn looks at  her hoh pictures and said she looks like she was an angry kid. G M tells Aaryn that she looks skinnier now than in the picture.

Helen is trying to defend Elissa to Gm, saying she was stressed about not winning any comps.  Gm says she has no money and lives with her parents, but Elissa should be mad at herself and not other people. Gm said what do I smell bad and she can't sit next to me.  Not even Donald Trump is better than me.  I'm proud of what I have and what I do.  As easy as money comes it goes, she has no idea how good she has it.  Aaryn says it is insulting to be be ignored, after keeping Elissa save that is how she repays me.  Gm what's to know why Elissa is on the show.  Helen says she is a huge fan of the show and thought it would be fun.  Elissa misses her husband and not a comp champ like Rachel.
Rachel didnt want to sit next to Aaryn or Gm on the couch, and Amanda tells gm that she does have some nasty farts.  Gm says it wasnt nice what Elissa did.

Amanda says that her ring was given to her by her ex boyfriend and that was the ring that mc put in her finger during their bb wedding, mc said he didn't care.  Spencer said if he spends a hundred dollars on a necklace he better get a good b-job.

Aaryn says she like the song 2 black Cadilacs by the Dixie chicks.  Andy, spencer talks about Christmas songs they like. Marin likes Jessica Simpsons Christmas cd.  Aaryn doesn't buy CDs, she uses her iPod.  Mc still buys CDs.

Helen tells Elissa how she defended her to Aaryn and they are both pretty sure that Aaryn is going to nominate them. Elissa misses her son and won't be there for his first day of third grade.  Helen says you don't want your son to think you are a quitter, and  talk to Aaryn.

Helen is crying because if Elissa leaves she won't have any votes.  Elissa wants to self evict and not go to jury.  Aaryn says Elissa  doesn't care about the money and she needs every penny of it. Elissa won't care about any of them after they leave.

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