Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big Brother After Dark 8/12/13


Mc is reading the bible to Amanda.

Aaryn telling Gm spencer is so fake, while painting her toenails.  Gm has been doing gel for so long her nails are orange.  She peels the gel off instead of soaking it which she thinks is causing the problem.  After seeing Judd's bumping action she said he must be so bad in bed she tells Andy. They are call him mrs juddfire.

Mc is talking about why god had to come down and talk to Abraham, and gave Moses the burning bush.  Amanda said maybe it was to show how serious he was.

Mc thinks Elissa is mad at him.  Amanda says to complement her  to get on her good side. He talks about survivor and how they had to eat rats.

Elissa is in the jacuzzi talking to Jessie who is dangling her feet.  Elissa compliments her on her sweatshirt. Jessie asks if there are naked pics of Rachel on the Internet.  Elissa doesn't search for that stuff, and she should ask Aaryn who searches for that. They both say they have had a few accidental slips.  Elissa says the camera should focus on Amanda because she is comfortable showing her thong. Jessie saw gms tongue piercing, and has 6 altogether.

Spencer and Helen are playing pool

Mc talking about his goodbye message to Jessie, he said the same to both that he is always in their corner.

Mc asks Andy if there were any other red heads in big brother, he replies Rachel.  Mc keeps fartimg.
Andy thinks its cool that they all know each other from all parts of the country.  Spencer says mostly from Texas.  Amanda says three from NY.

Aaryn says Sencer is driving her crazy, running around like he owns the place, and isn't worried about anything. She wants him out next week, but doesn't think he is coming after her.

Andy asks Gm how she feels about Candace and calls her a crack whore baby or maybe a test tube baby.  Spencer says I don't think many test tube babies are put up for adoption. Andy leaves to go check for alchol.  Gm says cany left some dirty drawers her that I wouldn't even touch with a stick.  She pulls them out to show Amanda and mc and spencer.  They call them granny panties.  Andy says Kaitlin was an odd person.  They think she was bipolar and it seems like her family didnt want her, it was something big that happened and was in all the papers and made national news.

Helen and Jessie are arguing about Jessie's intentions in the past to flip the house and put up Amanda.

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